Past Travel Award Recipients + Reports

ARLIS/NA Northwest Chapter
Travel Award Recipients + Reports

2022 ARLIS/NA Conference
Chicago, IL, April 2022
Emma Metcalfe Hurst, Travel Award Report

2021 ARLIS/NA Virtual Conference
“Convergence = Créativité + Collaboration”
Emma Metcalfe Hurst, Travel Award Report
Andy Resto, Travel Award Report

2020 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Preserve, Enhance, Reimagine” 
Sara Ellis, Recipient
The 2020 Chapter Travel Award was deferred due to the COVID-19 pandemic and cancellation of the in-person conference.

2019 ARLIS/NA NW + VRA-PRC Joint Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA, November 8, 2020
Abigail Sebaly, Recipient

2019 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Arts: In/Site – Insight, Incite, In Sight”
Salt Lake City, UT, March 26 – 30, 2019
Bridget Nowlin, Travel Award Report

2018 ARLIS/NA Northwest + VRA Conference
“Out of Bounds”
New York, NY, February 25 – March 1, 2018
Linden How, Travel Award Report

2017 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Arts du Monde”
New Orleans, LA, February 5 – 9, 2017
Sylvia Roberts, Recipient

2016 ARLIS/NA Northwest + VRA-PRC Joint Annual Meeting
Portland, OR, November 4-5, 2016
Bridget Nowlin, Travel Award Report

2016 ARLIS/NA + VRA Conference
“Natural Connections”
Seattle, WA, March 8-12, 2016
Nichole De Michelis, Recipient

2015 ARLIS/NA Conference
“New Frontiers on the Old Frontier”
Fort Worth, TX, March 19-23, 2015
Nicole Lovenjak, Travel Award Report

2014 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Art + Politics”
Washington, D.C., May 1-5, 2014
Traci Timmons, Travel Award Report

2013 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Crafting our Future”
Pasadena, CA, April 25-29, 2013
Helen Harris, Recipient

2012 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Colouring Outside the Lines”
Toronto, Ontario, March 29 – April 2, 2012
Dan McClure, Travel Award Report

2011 Joint VRA + ARLIS/NA Conference
“Collaboration: Building bridges in the 21st century”
Minneapolis, MN, March 24-28, 2011
Bailey Diers, Travel Award Report

2010 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Revolution and Innovation: at the Hub of Discovery”
Boston, MA, April 23-26
Traci Timmons, Travel Award Report

2009 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Circle City Convergence”
Indianapolis, IN, April 16-21
Adrienne Lai, Travel Award Report

2008 ARLIS/NA Conference
“At Altitude”
Denver, CO, May 1-5
Marilyn Nasserden, Travel Award Report
Martha González Palacios, Travel Award Report

2007, ARLIS/NA Conference
“At the Crossroads: Inside, Outside, Past, Present, Future”
Atlanta, GA, 2007
Martha González Palacios, Travel Award Report

2006 ARLIS/NA Conference
“Transcontinental Perspectives”
Banff, AL, May 1-5
Lynn Brockington, Travel Award Report